Is your carpet wet? Well, you should hurry up and call water damage or flood restoration services to restore your carpet to its original form. Are you wondering why? Because it is dangerous to have a moist rug or carpeting on your floor. The humidity makes it a perfect ground for mould and pests to grow, and those microbes may ruin your healthy lifestyle.

Having a wet carpet at your place has many disadvantages. Here are some crucial reasons why moisture is the biggest enemy of your carpet:

1. Mould Growth

When carpets are cleaned in humid conditions, the moisture from the air is absorbed. The carpet becomes wet as a result, creating the ideal conditions for mould growth. Additionally, warm weather promotes the growth of mould. If your carpet is water damaged or got sewage water, the risk is more. The mould may quickly grow and keep on harming you.

Mould spores can cause skin irritations, breathing issues, allergies, runny nose and watery eyes. These microbes may also cause asthma and related diseases. That's why it's necessary to hire an expert and get the carpet cleaned and sanitised. Mould and mildew can grow within 48 hours after your carpet gets wet. The black patches and spores may never refuse your site after the infestation.

2. Pests and Germs 

Wet and moist carpets serve as a haven for contaminants, microbes, and insects. Unseen by the naked eye, insects may deposit eggs or droppings on the carpet. Allergies can result from this, and diseases can spread. So, hire a specialist and get your carpet cleaned as soon as possible. If you fail to do this, the germs and pests will make the carpet their home and you might have to deal with them forever. Connect with experts today and get your carpet back to its former condition.

3. Degrade the Quality of Fibers

By wetting and stretching the fabric, the moisture degrades your carpet's quality. If you keep a soaked carpet on your floor without doing anything about it, it will get damaged and may get torn within a few days. You can use a carpet for decades with proper care, regular cleaning and repairs. However, wet flooring won't be able to hold for too long. The fibres will give up, and you may have to buy a new one.

4. Ruin the Appearance 

Who would love to see their carpet with black patches and a musty look? The water can ruin the shine of your flooring and make it old and dusty. However, if you hire an expert for its cleaning and drying, it will keep serving you for years to come. Only drying them won't solve the issue; you must hire experts to remove the harmful substances, germs and other elements before using the rug or carpet. 

5. Create Unbearable Odour 

One stinky carpet, and you will get that smell in every corner of your home or property. The indoor air may get polluted with germs, and your place will continue to sting until you clean the carpet or throw it out. The first one is the best option, so you can again use the flooring for years.

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