Have you experienced foul odour from your air conditioner? It can be irritating and may cause constant headaches. Your home or office is the place you want to feel relaxed. But, the nasty smell may lead to discomfort and trouble. However, knowing the reason behind it and hiring ducted cleaning Melbourne experts will help eliminate the odour. Therefore, we have listed the top reasons why your air conditioner might have a foul smell.

Rodents, roaches and other pest infestations

Rodents and pest infestations can spread infections and produce unpleasant odours in your house. If anything has crept into your air conditioner and has been strangled to die, you might notice a strong, unpleasant odour. You may not only be bothered by this smell. When rodent and pest infestations transport bacteria and pathogens into the air, they might mix with it and contaminate your food if your air conditioner is located close to the kitchen.

Presence of Germs and Bacteria 

You might detect a typical rotten odour that is brought on by bacterial and fungus growth, such as mould and mildew. It produces an overpowering musty odour in your ducts as it grows as mould. This odour serves as a warning sign that there may be bacterial or fungal development in your air conditioner and that you could be breathing in substances that the mould or mould spores create. That needs to be cleaned out of your ducts right away because it is so hazardous to your respiratory system.

Breathing difficulties, asthma attacks, itchy eyes, sinus discomfort, painful throat pain, joint pain, bronchitis, pneumonia, and severe headaches are a few of the issues that one may experience. Having employed experts from a reputable firm will save you from these odours.


In case you experience a smell like something is burning in the room, then this might be due to overheating. You might have an overheated motor, a wiring issue, or any other mechanical problem. To get it fixed, you can turn the HVAC system off immediately from your breaker box. Sometimes the smell might be similar to gunpowder, which might indicate an issue in AC’s circuit board or fan motor.

However, in case this burning odour persists for a long, you might consider evacuating your space and connecting with the fire department. At times, melting plastic elements can also give off an odour fishy or rotten egg smell. You will also need to cut off the power to the circuits from the breaker box, evacuate your home and contact the fire department.

Dead Animal Smell

There may be a dead bug, bird, or animal stuck in your air conditioner if you notice a rotten-egg odour in your home. These critters might be drawn to the shadows created by air conditioners and attempt to take refuge there. They might perish inside, though, if they are discovered. When someone passes away, their corpse begins to rot and release an offensive odour. If this happens to you, don't hesitate to engage a professional duct cleaner to clean your air ducts and conditioner so that the fresh scent in your room is not compromised.

Wrapping up

The first thing to do after recognising a foul smell is to hire experts for in-depth duct and air conditioner cleaning. Epic Duct Cleaning can do that for you. We conduct carbon monoxide testing, clean duct systems, air conditioners, pipes, vents and similar systems. Our techniques are customer-centric and result-oriented. We offer a 100% guarantee of our services. Contact our experts now and get instant relief from odour, dust and germs in the air.