Do you have a wet or moist carpet at your place? Well, you might be putting your health in danger right now. Yes, you read that right; damp carpets can be health hazards and may ruin hygiene. That's why you should either hire experts for wet carpet cleaning in Brisbane or throw that flooring out. The first is the most economical and rational option.

Are you still wondering what a wet carpet can do to your health? Read this post till the end to know.

1. Wet Carpets Are Perfect Grounds for Mould and Mildew to Grow

Stachybotrys is a dangerous mould type that grows in damp, moisture and wet conditions. These mould microbes create mycotoxins which cause infections, skin irritations, rashes, allergies, cough, breathing issues, and other chronic diseases.

Repeated exposure to these spores may cause your immune system to be more sensitive towards allergies and germs. It may also cause watery eyes, runny nose, constant headaches and similar health hazards. So, clean and dry your wet carpets by hiring experts to avoid these mould and mildew monsters. Once they enter your place, it becomes a hassle to eliminate them.

2. Damp Carpets May Create Issues Even After Drying 

If you are thinking of drying your water-damaged carpet with a vacuum cleaner or keeping it in the sun for a day, that probably will not work. Your flooring may get dry, but the germs may continue to crawl inside the fabrics. The mould growth doesn't die after the carpet is dry. To remove them and other germs, you should hire experts for deep cleaning and sanitisation of your carpet. Your flooring needs to get back to what it was before the water damage incident. The restoration experts can help you do that!

3. A Damp Carpet May Cause Electrical Issues and Fire 

A wet carpet, floor, walls or other surfaces can generate electrical shocks. If your electrical outlets get exposed to water, it may cause life-threatening electrical issues or fire. To safeguard your place from such accidents, we recommend hiring experts for restoration immediately. If you have recently experienced water damage or flood, inform your local authorities and contact a restoration company. You should also switch off the water system and the main electricity plug. 

Note: Don't forget to wear safety gear like rubber boots and hand gloves while switching off the electricity. 

4. All These Dangerous Get Worse with Time

Water damage and wet carpets are no jokes. These are serious issues that need immediate action. If you delay the cleaning and drying procedure, the moisture may linger forever and continue to play with your health. A wet carpet can also become a home for many pests like fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and unknown bugs. These pests will create more health hazards than you might have imagined. The allergies and diseases keep on increasing over time. So, don't ignore these issues and contact a specialist immediately. Water damage can give someone a lifetime of trauma if not dealt with on time. 

Wrapping up 

Now as you know the health hazards of a damp carpet and the adverse effects of not cleaning them, are you looking for a perfect company whom you can trust? Look no further. Emergency Flood Restoration Brisbane offers top-notch water damage and flood restoration in Brisbane.

Our experts clean your carpets, floors, walls, upholsteries and every other thing that may cause trouble to your health. We are a customer-centric company known for our genuine concern for others. Connect with our water damage restoration specialists now and get an instant quotation. Hurry up; an emergency never waits for anyone.